The visa run north of Phuket via Koah Lak (where I joined) to the Ranong border crossing between Thailand and Myanmar, is a guided "Visa Run" out an into Thailand on the same day get a rentry visa to join my Thai wife and our children where they wait at at a beach hotel Khao Lak, Thailand.  The Ranong border immigration processing check point is the nearer to Phuket than Penang is but without Thai embassy or consular services in Mayanmar, farlung (non-ASEAN citizens) can only get 15 day visas back into Thailand. Ranong Thailand is a fishing port with a casino and is near hot springs. I met the Australian owner of Mike's Bikes near Nai Harn Beach Rawai in the immigration queue waiting for our exit from Thailand to be checked.  His accountant overlooked his visa renewal during the recent Songkran holiday. There are three sections:

The visa run mini bus from Phuket to Ranong had a couple of Germans, a Vietnamese hairdresser, a girl from Laos and a couple of Philipinos.  The Germans got a one year non-immigrant visa from the Thai embassy in Germany with condition they leave once during the year.  The non-Thai Asians paid 1,000 bhat. Farlung 1,500 for the visa run.  Still good value considering the distance travelled, guidance all the way through the visa run process and delisious lunch included in the visa run. The Germans say the Myanmar border town of Kaw Thaung is quite nice but with exclusion beyond 3km and expensive hotels, it at the moment is not recommended accommodation near Thailand and an eco friendly tourism revenue loss to Myanmar.

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Photo of visa run mini bus with publisher Ben boarding at Khao Lak for a Phuket to Ranong visa run, .


The visa run south of Phuket to Penang is about 600km and usually includes overnight accommodation in Penang  Penang is a predominantly Chinese island so enjoy the Chinese food restaurants while in Penang.  You can stay in Penang city CBD hotels or resorts near the beach at places such as Butu Faringi.  Many visa run companies will arrange a whole package in getting your re-entry visa to Thailand, travelling via HatJai to the Thai Malay border crossing and return to Phuket or Bangkok in an airconditioned mini van.

VISA RUN FROM THAILAND TO VIVIENTIANE <--- Click for detailed information

The advantage of a visa run to Vientiane is that Vientiane, the capital city of Laos, is right on the Thai Lao border, on the bank of theFriendship Bridge toll Mekong River. Being a capital city it has a Thai embassy where ASEAN and non-ASEAN citizens can get more than 15 day Thai visas.  As a farlung father of a child born in Thailand, I got a non-immigrant "O" category Thai visa for 3 months.  If you're NOT on a visa run package, know there are very cheap form filling clerk near the Thai embassy in Vientiane.  Most get to Nong Khai from Bangkok by train, bus or plane via Udon Thani airport or Lung Pramban airport  The AirAsia air hostess calls Udon Thani airport the "Udon Thani International Airport" which is also on the airport gateway sign.  As far as I know the only time it was an international airport was when it was built by the American airforce for international boming flights mainly on the Ho Chi Min Trail in Vietnam and Laos.  The MANY farlung who live in Isan (north east Thailand and southern Laos near Vientiane) would like Udon Thani airport to be an international airport. It would mean easy visa runs by air and easy international travel without having to go via Bangkok. Cost of a visa into Laos for farlung is 1,300 bht plus the 60 cents for a bus fare from Thailand to Laos over the Lao - Thai Friendship bridge as it is call in Laos.  Click thumbnail photo of Friendship Bridge tolls for vehicles.


I was last in Chiang Mai near Chiang Rai in 1976.  If you do a visa run from Chiang Mai to either or Laos or Mayanmar, non-ASEAN citizens will only get 15 day Thai Visas unless you apply at an embassy in Rangoon or Vientiane. With the new AirAsia route from Chiang Mai to Macau a visa run by air to China is now an option.


With so many transport options to so many Thai border crossing points, visa runs by air conditioned by,mini-bus, train, plane has a multitude of choices.


Information about the visa run from Thailand to the Cambodian border would be appreciated.


As with all Thai visas, citizens from ASEAN counties get:

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