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Accommodation near the best of London sights and sounds

When you work nine to six all week and it takes you almost an hour to get to work and another to get home then you tend to end up very tired and stressed by the time the weekend comes around. All to often the tendency is to do nothing all weekend to get over a very busy week, 'recharge your batteries' and prepare yourself to do it all again for another week. But doing nothing isn't always the best way to relax and re-energise yourself and it can add to your stress levels because towards Wednesday or Thursday you begin to wonder whether all of the hard work that you do all week is really worth it...
accommodation near the best of london sights and sounds 2accommodation near the best of london sights and sounds 1
Instead of doing nothing it is far better to plan a weekend away every month or so. Whether it be with your partner, or a trip with your friends it's a good idea to get away and enjoy some of the pleasures of life, and make those busy working weeks worth all the time and effort you put into them. If you're living in the UK then you may ask: where is a good place to get away for a weekend and do the things that I want to do? The answer I would give without hesitation would always be "London".accommodation near the best of london sights and sounds 4

 London is a beautiful city, and there are so many things to do, but many people are put off from going there for a weekend break because it might be too expensive. But London needn't be that expensive. With the help of the internet there are plenty of places that you can find where you will get a good deal. Finding accommodation near the great sights is relatively easy and there are some very good prices to be had.

accommodation near the best of london sights and sounds 3 Take the chance to visit London's sites and take in some of the capital's entertainment - of which there is an incredibly wide array from which to choose.

If you are excited by the idea of live theatre then you must find accommodation near Leicester Square which is THE centre of live theatre in London.

If you have little in the way of funds to spend on entertainment the nightly buskers in Leicester Square (this is also the centre for cheap theatre tickets in London - sometimes up to 50% off the regular price), Camden Town Markets and the wealth of Galleries and Museums.

Depending on what age you are and what you want to do for fun/leisure there are many different activities for you to enjoy in London.

For the more youthful traveller the London clubs are a great scene, to dance the night away, meet new people, and have loads of fun ( If, like me, your clubbing days are over and you're looking for a more relaxed and cultured evening then you may prefer a night at the theatre ( Whether you want to watch an opera, or take in a great play, London has the range of shows for your entertainment. There are many top shows to see in London - the choice is so massive that you're bound to find the show that's just right for you.

If you do want to take in a show during your stay there are websites such as Theatre Breaks ( that offer hotel and theatre ticket packages at discount prices, so that you can pre-book your holiday to combine accommodation near the venue and theatre ticket prices to get a great deal.

As well as the nightlife there is plenty to see during the day. It's fun to visit the streets and stations from the monopoly board to bring back childhood memories of playing the game with your family and friends; or you can see the sites - Big Ben is quite an eye opener.

If you haven't been to London I strongly recommend you go and if you've only been there on business then I recommend you take off your suit and tie and see how beautiful London really is.

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