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Aah, cruising. What better way to see the world’s best cruise ship holiday destinations…the romance of the ocean with the breeze on your face as you sail into exotic harbours. Then while you sleep, the excitement builds as you wake to a brand new cruise ship holiday destination next day.

And best of all, no packing and unpacking, just pure relaxation.  Cruising is the hip way to travel in the 21st century, and we’re ready to take you on board  the world’s best cruises.

We’ve started with the popular south-east Asian cruise hub from our hotel accommodation in Singapore.  And we've just included the best cruise line to spend your money on in the Mediterranean.

We’ll report back soon with the best Australian cruise ship holiday on offer in 2009.

We’ll report back soon with the best Australian cruise ship holiday on offer in 2009.


This is a truly memorable cruising experience. The Superstar Virgo is a great experience for people who want a big cruise ship that provides all the comforts of a floating hotel, with accommodation near everything you need on board.  One of the popular routes is the round trip from Singapore that takes in favourite holidays destinations including Langkawi and Phuket.

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Accommodation aboard the Virgo cruise ship

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