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Most tourists to Chiang Khan, Thailand are Thais, many catch big luxury coaches or drive their own cars north from the Thai capital Bangkok through Loei province. Our family drove to Chiang Khan on the 200 km "Tourist Scenic Drive" which starts near our Thai home in the neighbouring province of "Nong Khai" east of Chiang Khan, Loei. The Drive is between mountains on one side and follows near the Mekong River on the other. This Thai "Tourist Scenic Drive" is growing in popularity with touring cyclists.

Because Chiang Khan is a popular tourist destination in northern Thailand, (a Lao boarder crossing point for ASIAN passport holders ONLY) and because Chiang Khan hotels have only 4 to 15 rooms, booking a hotel in Chiang Khan is not easy for groups. We booked hotels in Chiang Khan 3 months ahead of our stay but many hotels only had one room left so we booked 2 Chiang Khan hotels: two hotel rooms in a new concrete hotel (owned by Bangkokian hotel investors who'd bought the small, less than 1 rai Thai property for $400,000 which 6 years previously was sold by my Thai father in-law's friend for $9,000 ) The other Chiang Khan hotel room we booked was all wood in the middle of "Walking Street", near the Mekong River, on the south bank. The two big, river front, upstairs hotel rooms with good Mekong River views of Laos were booked out months in advance by holidaying Bangkokians. Our hotel also had a touring group in two mini buses full of Bangkok photographers. Most Thai tourists were carrying the latest, expensive digital SLR cameras.

Wooden hotel near Mekong River Chiang Khan
Photo of wooden hotel in the wooden town of Chiang Khan near Mekong River, Loei Thailand.

Most of the best hotel accommodation near the Mekong at Chiang Khan is between the Mekong River and the very popular "Walking Street". These Chiang Khan hotels are small 2 or 3 levels and built entirely of wood. Our Chiang Khan hotel room had wooden floors, walls and ceiling. Chiang Khan hotels have the best hand carved wooden furniture in the world as shown in the photos of Chiang Khan below. The thought of fire in this wooden town of Chiang Khan crossed my mind but it is also in the mind of Chiang Khan fire brigade. It was reassuring to see them in my video of Chiang Khan, going door to door of shops and hotels in Chiang Khan to each about fire prevention and fire fighting. All hotels have video camera surveillance and smoke alarms. The best views across the Mekong River to Laos are from the front top balconies of the river front hotels near the Mekong. Even if you can't get the best riverfront hotel rooms there is access to all guests to the riverfront balconies.

The 1 kilometre "Walking street" in Chiang Khan shuts down to vehicles at sunset and comes alive with street food vendors, tourist souvenir shops, the best Thai and Isan food restaurants in Thailand, bicycle hire outlets. Most hotel restaurants are open to the public at street level. Their al fresco tables and chairs sprawl out onto the foot path near the Mekong River. Some of the best restaurants in Thailand are here at one of the best locations on the Mekong River.
restaurant Chiang Khan
Best cheap food at a family restaurant, "Walking Street" Chiang Khan on the bank of the Mekong River seen left of photo.

Try "Leo beer" brewed in Thailand. The first hotel restaurant we tried, served delicious dishes from Luang Pragang, China, and Thailand. $22 feed our family of 6 adults & 2 children.

Bicycle hire in Chiang Khan is popular. Much of the video of Chiang Khan you will see on this page was filmed with me cycling on a hire bike with my wife and 1yo baby passengers.

There was one massage parlour on Walking Street and another massage parlour near Walking Street, on a side street. The masseuses are middle aged ladies who laughed and talked with each other while working on providing a good Thai massage under the watchful of the boss who never smiled. The price of a good, one hour, cheap "Thai massage" was $5 in 2013.

Chiang Khan Tourist Attractions

20 minutes drive West of Chiang Khan is a statue of golden Buddha on a mountain top over looking the Mekong River.

On our way home we drove nearly to the top of a high mountain near Chiang Khan. We were directed to park our car by a government tour guide who collected $5 to drive our family in his open top pick-up to the summit of the maintain with views to Chiang Khan, other Loei mountains, Mekong River and Laos. In winter months of November and December early morning Loei mountain tours are popular with holidaying Thais who want to see mountain peaks above the misty valleys of Loei.

The scenic Mekong River highway from Chiang Khan past the beautiful, (in the raining season) "Pha Tang waterfall", the unfinished Amoon boutique hotel just east of "Sang Khom", towards Si Chiang Mai/Vientiane to Nong Khai ends near our home near "Wat Hin Mak Peng" on the Mekong River which is worth a stop-over, camping and kayaking with the Dutchman and his Thai wife at his lake near "Wat Hin Mak Peng"

Tourist attractions Loei

  • Photograph rock formations at Phu Luang south of Loei City
  • Phu Kradung mountain climb
  • Camping and explore Phu Rua National Park

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