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Hotel accommodation Varkala Beach South West India we stayed at was clean comfortable and about a 3 star to 4 star rating. Preeth hotel accommodation near Varkala Beach was one of the few good hotels with a swimming pool. This Varkala beach resort hotel had free breakfast included with accommodation.Preeth Beach Resort Varkala beach

< Photo of Preeth Beach Resort Varkala

All hotel accommodation near Varkala Beach is on the plateau near and east of the Varkala cliff.  Our hotel villa was about 8 minutes walk from the Varkala cliffs.  It takes another minute to step down the steps on the cliff face to the best beach in south west India.  Pity there are no public rubbish bins. Some rubbish is tipped over the cliff.  Tropical vegetation over growing the rubbish prevents too much of an eyesore.  The light brown sand of Varkala beach is clean as too is the water of the Arabian sea section of the Indian Ocean.

A walk along Varkala beach at night goes past fresh water pouring out of the Varkala cliff where fishermen have their nightly wash.

Varkala Beach and Kovalum Beach near to the south of Trivandrum are the only beaches in Kerala state of India patrolled by life guards. (See interview of Varkala Beach surf lifeguard in video below).  A walk north from the helipad on the path along the top edge of the Varkala cliff face takes you past beautiful peopleless beaches such as "Black Beach".  At Black Beach I had a swim, coconut drink and refreshing bucketing from the well.  A tuktuk (three wheeled transport) took us north to nearby Kapill in search of backwater ferries.  There were none so we caught a taxi further north to nearby Kollam city.  Nearly every tour, operator in India, big or small, is on commission.  We were particularly interested in the PUBLIC ferry to experience travel in India with local Indians.  Our unregistered taxi driver took us into a tour booking agent who offered a big expensive tourist boat saying the last ferry for the day had gone.  He sold us a backwaters village tour because the big boat was too expensive.  While waiting for a taxi I saw ferries coming and going from a dock at the end of the street.  When I queried the tour rep who just lied to get a sale, he said "these ferries are only transport".  Just the thing we wanted.  As it turned out the Rp500 back water village tour including 10km east of Kollam taxi, was quite worthwhile.
We had been told train was the best way to travel in India so we embarked at Quilon train station... (Many Anglicised proper nouns are spelt differently than they are in India.  Quilon is in big signage at the Quilon Train station.  Trivandrum is the common easy English way of spelling Thiruvananthapuram)  ... for the 30km train journey to Varkala train station and caught a tuktuk back to cliff top restaurants above Varkala Beach near our hotel accommodation.

Surfing at Varkala Beach was out of the question with small waves when I was there 4th - 8th February however friends have told me surf at Varkala Beach can be good.  I did not see any surfboard hire. There were a few old, dinged boards at Kovalam Beach for hire.

Beach near Varkala
< Beach Near Varkala Cliffs

Varkala beach is all you can imagine of tropical south west India.  LOTs of coconut palm trees.  Lots of culture, 3 religions: Hindu, Muslim and Christian, good seafood restaurants, shopping, European tourists, a few beggars, etc.

From Varkala cliff top balcony restaurants we could see hundreds of fishing boat lights at night out to sea, so we figured simply cooked, freshly selected seafood would be safe. I even dared eat salad and by squeezing lemon juice on fresh fish and salad, I think it helped us not once getting "Delhi belly"  Ask for curd (yoghurt) and bananas - delicious.
Photo restaurant near Varkala Beach
< Restaurant near Varkala Beach near Helipad

Varkala Beach is a tourist destination, therefore prices are higher. If you want to bother you can catch a tuktuk east about 10 minutes away to Varkala town where things like AC 240 volt power adaptors, massage, hair cuts, restaurant food, transport, etc are cheaper.  Don't go looking for beauty treatment before 10:30am because the beauticians at Varkala Beach don't work too hard.

Weather at Varkala Beach was perfect with blue skies every day for good video and photos of Varkala Beach.
climate varkala beach
Climate charts Varkala Beach South India.
Temperature at Varkala was mid 30 degrees Celsius perfect for beaching where you can hire 2 beach deck chairs with umbrella for Rp300 per day.

Travel up and down the west coast of India is easy and VERY cheap by train.  Near Varkala Beach to the north are Kollam and Kochi, Kerala's big historic city with the first Jewish synagogue build in Asia. The back waterways north and south from Kochi stretch for hundreds of kilometres. South and near Varkala is the Kerala city of Trivandrum and near that is the popular tourist beach destination in South India of Kovalum beach.  We caught a taxi from Kovalum beach to Varkala for Rp1,200.  The roads are full of dangerous drivers. Honking horns are incessant.  Big buses have the right of way because they're big and fearless. The train while not the cleanest is far cheaper and relaxing than road transport.  Indian passengers were friendly.

YouTube Video of Back Water Canal Tour

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