Best Tobago Caribbean Island Beach Holidays

Tobago is the jewel in the crown of Caribbean islands, set so near to South America’s coastline that you can almost see it.  At and near Tobago, you'll find beautiful white sandy beaches without the crowds that many other Caribbean beaches have.
To get to Tobago, fly in to Trinidad Island (where the curry at the airport is better than many restaurants).

You fly to Tobago with "LIAT airlines", or "Windward Islands Airways", with planes ranging from jets to small six seaters you may be sharing with a West Indian woman and her caged chickens.

Holiday Hotel Accommodation Near Tobago Beaches

When you get to Tobago, you'll quickly discover this is another one of those Robinson Crusoe islands that we believe makes for a best beach holiday.  You can wander for miles along beautiful Tobago beaches.

best holiday accommodation near Tobago beaches

"The Crown Reef hotel" near the airport is a good place to stay in the Tobago heat before you head off exploring the lush tropical island.

A must for a trip to Tobago is the wonderful little beach and jetty at "Pigeon Point" near accommodation by the beach.  At Pigeon Point, you can swing off the quaint wooden sign while having your photo taken.

beachfront holiday accommodation Tobago

Seeing turtles laying their eggs on the beaches at certain times of the year here is also a highlight.
And the people here in Tobago in the southern Caribbean are a little different from those in the northern Caribbean. Because Tobago is so near South America, you can almost feel the slight South American influence here.

That is of course, if you can drag yourself away from your beautiful beach near your hotel accommodation on this island of Tobago that certainly belongs on the list of best beach holidays.

Photo Tobago Beach
Photo of a Tobago Beach