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St Lucia is a beautiful little island with sandy beaches and blue, blue water, making it a very desirable destination if you're searching for some of the Caribbean's best beaches.

The big cruise ships from Florida call in to St Lucia's pretty harbour, and the picturesque beaches near accommodation in St Lucia are worth seeing. Sometimes you'll find hordes of septuagenarian tourists from the cruise ships descending on your restaurant for lunch or dinner before they pile back on and take off at night for their next Caribbean island.

Photo near St Lucia harbour
Photo near St Lucia harbour

The Club Med here is one of the prettiest in the world, set up high with views of the cruise ships on the ocean below.  It's worth staying at this Club Med for the views across the beautiful harbour below, as you can see from one of these St Lucia photos.  Other accommodation near Club Med St Lucia offers the same panoramic views, but Club Med has an individual way of seating strangers together for lunch.

Don't ask for your own table at lunch, because you'll be seated in typical Club Med style in order of arrival.  That means your table companions could be anyone from people staying at Club Med who don't speak the same language, to septuagenarians (as we had) from the cruise ship who couldn't believe Club Meds were anywhere but near the United States.

Some of the Caribbean's best beaches are here in St Lucia.  One of the most famous is Anse des Pitons between the famous twin peaks on St Lucia's coastline.

Anse des Pitons beach is at Soufriere near St Lucia's capital Castries and features the Jalousie Hilton resort.  The crescent-shaped beach was originally black sand, but the resort has covered it all with soft white sand that's made it a popular beach strip.  It's only accessible through the resort or coming in by small boat to enjoy more lazy, hazy days in the tropical breeze.

Marigot Bay is a pretty little beach that is one of the most photographed in the Caribbean because it's so picturesque.   Imagine a crystal clear Caribbean beach surrounded by lush, verdant hills with the occasional expensive yacht sailing in.  This is what you'll find at Marigot Bay, one of the best beaches in the Caribbean.

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