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SANTORINI - The Greek Islands

There are two ways to get to Santorini from Athens, the Greek capital – by ferry from the port near Athens, which can be long and rough, or by Aegean or Olympic Airways.

Santorini is a volcanic island with its capital Thira sitting up on top of the highest point, allowing some of the most beautiful and romantic views over the Mediterranean coast you will find anywhere in the world.

Thira town is a vibrant, happening place, especially at night with happy holidaymakers enjoying themselves as they look out over the twinkling lights of hotels along the coast below.

By day, you can shop and bargain in colourful Santorini shops and stalls as well as expensive designer and jewellery outlets.

The food is plentiful and good and Santorini island is famous for its sunsets over the ocean that seem to stretch forever across the sky.

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To find the best sunsets, walk directly uphill from the town centre until the end, which will take you about 15 minutes, then turn left towards the coast. Go down the steps next to the picture perfect white-washed church with its blue dome roof, and you’ll find the Blue Note tavern perched on a Santorini cliff looking out into infinity.

If you want romance, this is the place. Here they play haunting Greek music to mesmerised couples, as the blazing sun sinks slowly in the sky, framed by two volcanic masses that erupted out of the Mediterranean Sea thousands of years ago.

The sunsets are also wonderful at the little arty village of Oia, found by turning right at the top of the hill, instead of left to the blue-domed Santorini church.

And you have to find Mamma, the Greek island identity whose enthusiasm is infectious to anyone within earshot. Ask any one from small children to policemen where to find Mamma, and they’ll point you towards Mamma’s Caf on the hill, where everyone from Steven Spielberg to backpackers have been for her famous breakfasts.

Santorini qualifies as one of the world's best beach holidays because of the great amount of accommodation near Thira that has gorgeous ocean views, and also because of the sunsets across the ocean that are arguably the best beach sunsets in the world.

Santorini beaches themselves are OK, with coarser brownish-white sand and cute little thatched beach shelters that look free, but aren't.  You'll find neatly marked sections controlled by casual beach attendants who'll wander over and ask for as little as 5 Euros.

You can bargain with them, and also with the north African hawkers selling cheap DVDs and CDs.  Buyer beware though, because there's no way of checking them on the beach.

Santorini is consistently voted among top travel publications as one of the top three holiday island destinations in the world.

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