Hotel accommodation near Pattaya Beach is popular with young tourist dancers keen to be accommodated near Pattaya beach night clubs so that it's not too far to get home if drinking or with that beautiful or handsome person you've been night clubbing with.  I first came to Pattaya beach with a beautiful Thai girlfriend in 1976 just after the Vietnam War.  Pattaya beach tourism started as a beach resort offering accommodation and other services for American soldiers' R&R during the Vietnam War.  Dancing to the latest pop music then was so much fun.  36 years latter, I'm still dancing to the latest pop music.

Some night clubbers catch taxis from their accommodation near Bangkok because it is near enough to the night life of Pattaya but if you're a bit spaced out after a night of intoxication, I'd recommend accommodation near Pattaya beach.  Pattaya beach is in the province of Chonburi.  Chonburi has accommodation near beaches so a compromise on accommodation in Bankok and Pattaya is accommodation near Pattaya Beach near the beaches at Chonburi.

Buy Sands Condos, 27 floors of luxury apartments Pratamnak Beach Pattaya.
accommodation near Pattaya Beach


A big attraction of Pattaya for many "farlung" (what Thai's call caucasians) facing a mid life crisis are beautiful, sexy Pattaya bar girls. Tourism service workers come for work at Pattaya beach hotels from near and far Thailand. Many from poorer parts of Thailand whose families depend on remittances from what some say is exploitation but some bar girls say they they wana have fun, help their families and are looking for the right person to marry not only for love but as most women world wide do, for security before nesting.  The Thai gay scene is big in Pattyia with many gay hotels in and near Pattaya beach managed by lady boys.  Some Pattaya beach bars are also managed by lady-boys so if you want to take an agreeable bar girl (or ladyboy) back to your nearby hotel accommodation for company, you'll need to pay a release fee to the manager of the Pattaya bar where the Pattaya bar girl works. If you're a bit intoxicated and you're not sure what you're taking back to your nearby accommodation, feel for the size of your partner's adam's apple as gently as you can without acting like a strangler. I've been told some lady-boys near the night spots of Pattaya can be light fingered so take care of your mobile phone and money.


Accommodation at islands near Pattaya beach is limited.  Islands near Pattaya beach are popular with SCUBA divers but if there is no accommodation vacancy, there are plenty of SCUBA diving day trips departing from Pattaya beach and the Chon Burri coast dive shops. Accommodation near Pattaya SCUBA dive shops is a good idea if you're into SCUBA diving. Bigger hotels near Pattaya beach have a relationship with a SCUBA dive operator and for that matter other operaters of watersports near Pattaya beach.

If you like dancing get hotel accommodation near Pattaya beach night clubs.
If you like sexy bar girls (or lady-boys) or pole dancing go-go girls, get hotel accommodation near Pattaya Beach bars or near the more sleezy, infamous Pattaya sex show venues.
If you like a good massage get Pattaya accommodation near a massage parlor. Some massage parlors offer a happy ending. Traditional Thai oil massage is sensual and relaxing. Sented herbal oil aromatherapy massage is recommended.
If you like good Thai food, most hotel accommodation has an inhouse hotel restaurant but if you want cusine from another country then search and book online accommodation near a Pattaya ethnic restaurant of your choice.
If you like the beach, get accommodation near Pattaya Beach or near a Chonburi beach.  Islands near Pattaya also have nice beaches and coral for snorkelling or diving.
island near Pattaya
Ta Waen Beach, Koh Larn Island Near Pattaya

If you're a conference organizer book in advance, accommodation at a big conference hotel near Pattaya Beach. Reward MICE deligates with not only 4 / 5 star accommodation near Pattaya beach but with a sauna near a spa pool or with any of the many attractions near Pattaya beach.
If you like watersports, book accommodation near Pattaya beach. There are the usual jetskiis, boat hire, para gliding, fishing trips, water skiiing.
If you like singing with a beautiful girl book accommodation near a Pattaya beach kareoke bar.
If you like live music book accommodation near a Pattaya beach bar with a band.


Songkran Festival festival of water soakings date at Pattaya is April 16 - 18  Songkran dates at Pattaya beach are busy for accommodation near Pattaya Beach  . A date with your date in which you are likely to have any stranger squirt you or throw buckets of water at you. The Pattaya Festival is also held in mid April, another reason to get your reservations for hotel accommodation near Pattaya beach booked early.

"Map of Pattaya Beach"