There is no accommodation on “Koh Ma”. It’s a perfect, beautiful, uninhabited tropical islet, very close to Mae Haad Bay, a fishing village on the island of “Koh Phangan's” north west coast, in the Gulf of Thailand, north of and near Koh Samui. Photos show a sand bar connecting Mae Haad beach with Koh Ma islet. Many tourists easily walk from Mae Haad beach to Koh Ma at low tide.  Poor swimmers should take care of the current which could wash children off the sand bar while wading out to Koh Ma at high tide.

Accommodation near Koh Ma islet, includes cheap private villas, traditional beach bungalows and luxury beachfront resort hotels with beachfront swimming pools, restaurants, WiFi, gym, massage, etc. Pronounced like “coma” this tropical islet, along with nearby Nang Yuan should be on your bucket list of places to see before you die. If you are booking traditional bungalows with thatched walls, ensure you have protection from night mosquitos.

If Koh Phangan accommodation near Koh Ma is booked out, try accommodation nearby at Haad Salad beach from where you can catch a long tail taxi boat or hire a motorbike to get to the Mea Haad beach near Koh Ma.


Koh Ma islet is one of the most photogenic tropical islets in Thailand, if not the world. I found a long bamboo pole on Mae Haad beach, tied my camera to one end and set the camera on 10 second time delay to take the first photo of “Koh Ma” in the slideshow of Koh Koma photos above which has photos of our family holiday accommodation at a beachfront resort at Mae Haad Bay.


From Koh Samui, near and south of Koh Phangan, we caught a big slow ferry boat to the main Koh Phangan “Raj Port” at “Tong Sala” where the good big night food market is. Tourists can hire motorbikes or cars near the main harbour or catch a tuktuk which will likely take the longer, scenic, winding, less safe coast road. If by tuktuk, ask what time will it leave because if it is not full, they’ll keep you waiting for the next incoming boat load of passengers to cram into the tuktuk till full. It’s safer and better to travel to Koh Ma via the central Koh Phangan road. For our Koh Phangan holiday in 2015 / 2016, we hired a cheap Suzuki jeep @ 800 baht per day. The alternative was the cost of motorbike hire on Koh Phangan @ 400 baht per day.  While family on a motorbike is not uncommon in Thailand, we thought safer car hire safer.

An airline, originally based in Chiang Mai, is building an airfield in the north east of Koh Phangan, which depending on investment, is due for completion late 2016. The mountain jungle road from south Koh Phangan to the new Koh Phangan airport, being built by cheap labour from Myanmar, is nearly complete. A couple of years ago it was a difficult journey by 4WD vehicle only.


While enjoying our family holiday early December, in the year the famous Koh Phangan “Full Moon Party” fell on Ghristmas Day, just before changing to peak season hotel rates, we were happy regular light winds blew on shore meaning clear Gulf of Thailand seawater for good diving close to our hotel which rents good quality dive masks @$10 per day. (see Ben’s law of turbidity). Walk out from Koh Phangan along the sand bar to Koh Ma or wade out at high tide, then swim towards the westerly wind to the western side of Koh Ma islet. The water gets deeper, clearer and sea life better the further you go. I loved vibrant colour on the lip of giant clams. SPECTACULAR schools of blue damsels fish, Kayak hire at Mae Haad beach is another way to explore Koh Ma islet. Coming out of Mae Haad, take a left turn and take the steep drive up to the view point overlooking Koh Ma. Park at the hotel restaurant and trek the steep path to the incomplete viewing platform. Ask at Mae Haad about a fishing trip.

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