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Luxury beachfront resort hotel accommodation Moorea near Tahiti in French Polynesia, South Pacific has swaying palm trees over white coral sand beaches and jungle covered mountains. Moorea is a perfect Polynesian tropical destination in the South Pacific Ocean, the perfect place to have a relaxing beach resort holiday with luxury accommodation and service.

Most tourists travel by air flights via the international airport at Papeete Tahiti the captial of French Polynesia. Tahiti is a transit point before your Moorea holiday adventure begins, most people taking a small plane on to the exotic island of Moorea and the famous "almost atoll" island of Bora Bora.

Moorea has been the setting for many movies and advertising campaigns for reasons that are obvious when you touch down. Beautiful crystal clear water and the pristine beaches of Moorea await tourist ever since early European sailors first sailed to Moorea.

Photo of Moorea island white sand beach
Photo of Moorea island white sand beach with palm tree.

Club Mediterranee Moorea has one of the most perfect locations on Moorea. "Club Med" is situated on a sandy point where you can relax on your sun lounge in shallow water as you gaze out over the shimmering South Pacific ocean.

Take a boat trip out to movie star Marlon Brandon’s Tetiaroa island, which he purchased during the 1965 filming of "Mutiny on the Bounty"
Better still, what about a boat ride with the happy Moorean locals around this beautiful island to see the other resorts with their over-water bungalows?

This is a wonderful, memorable journey with highlights including swimming in a line with the friendly stingrays, which are gentle and approachable.

Possibly the most beautiful beach in Moorea is "Temae beach" on the north-east coast of Moorea, near Moorea's over-water bungalow accommodation which you'll find at many resorts dotted along the green coast looking out over the most beautiful deep blue-green water found anywhere in the Pacific Ocean. Club Med beach resort Moorea

Temae beach is part of a long dazzling white strip of sandy beach with beautiful views across another of Moorea's beautiful lagoons, looking out to the "Sea of the Moon".

After your day of exploring Moorea,  it’s back to the Club Med bar with one of the best shimmering ocean views in the Pacific.

At Club Med bar, you don’t have to worry about getting out money or finding your wallet – it’s all done with a system of beads tallied up to give you a final total at the end.

Buy famous black Tahitian pearls here to take back home for a lifetime of memories of the precious island pearl you’ve enjoyed so much.

The white sandy beaches in Moorea are so memorable that you'll find it hard wherever you travel to match the picture perfect postcard memories of this tropical island destination that so soothes the soul. Fine white sand, swaying palms on the beach, azure water, happy's all in and near Moorea.

If you haven't been to Moorea yet, don't just dream about it, go ahead and do it.  These beaches on the Best Beach Holidays website are some of the best in the world and they're just waiting for you to discover.

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Best beach holiday travel destinations such as Moorea are written by dedicated photo journalists, edited by the Best Beach Holidays Travel publisher who lived on the  Polynesian, almost atoll of Aitutaki for 10 years, married and has children with woman from the Teiva family from Moorea.  Contact Best Beach Holidays publisher to submit your Moorea beach holiday accommodation and travel news articles.

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