THINGS TO DO IN BANGKOK OR Wat to see in Bangkok Thailand

Things to Do Close to Bangkok

We're not listing the top 5 or top 10 things to do in Bangkok because there are so many things to do, depending on what your interest is. For example: Eat, shop, play, get a massage, dance, drink, watch a concert, watch a sport, plan a trip out of Bangkok to the many fantastic tourist destination in Thailand. These are the sorts of activities to do in Bangkok. Lets start with the vast variety and delicious cuisines in Bangkok Restaurants and end with shopping information in Bangkok below.


Click the restaurant link above for information about restaurants and cafes in Bangkok. Most restaurants are good, although some ex-pats here advise wiping your cutlery before eating at some of the smaller cafes / bistros. Cuisines from most cultures can be found in Bangkok. Some of the common cuisines include: Thai, Southern Thai / Malay, Isaan a less oily cuisine from northeast Thailand and Lao, Italian pasta and pizzas, American fast food burgers.


There's no shortage of bars and drinking places in Bangkok. Many of the bar staff are VERY good looking people who have come to Bangkok to make their fortunes or study part time. Pool parties are popular in this hot humid climate, as are roof top bar parties where the breeze is better. Pub crawls are also popular. Best to go with a guide or sober buddy.

While there are many night clubs and bars at street level, keep in mind classy rooftop Bangkok bars where the air is fresh, the music good, the views spectacular.
Roof top night club Bangkok

Keep in mind drugs other than alcohol and nicotine are not tolerated in Bangkok by the law and harsh penalties apply. It's not a bad idea to watch your drink all the time from bottle opening to finish. If you wake from a hangover in Bangkok with all your things missing, don't say you haven't been warned. Stunningly beautiful ladyboys frequent Bangkok parties. If you're promiscuous stay healthy by protecting yourself from STDs.


When in Bangkok, you have to try a Thai massage to finish the day perfectly. At about only $10, the cost of a Thai massage in Bangkok is cheap compared to other places in the world. Not only are Thai massages cheap but in the hands of an expert, relaxing and satisfying. A foot massage, traditional Thai massage or oil massage are all good. Massages are by female masseuse.  An offer to upgrade for a "happy ending" or more, is often a front for prostitution services in Bangkok. If you want to reduce the chances of sleaze, most hotels offer professional, legitimate massages by a trained masseuse.

The Oriental Hotel has the perfect venue. You sail lazily across the river in their complimentary Thai river boat to The Oriental's Spa pavilion, a traditional Thai-style house of beautifully carved, golden teak wood. It's described as "a transcendent spa experience in an oasis of tranquility". It has 14 suites with ancient remedies and soothing aromas.

The first of its kind in Asia, the Oriental Spa has been recognized as one of the best spas in the world, winning awards and rave reviews since its opening.


One of life's pleasures in Bangkok is taking the complimentary river boat from your resort hotel to the nearest Skytrain station for a quick trip into the busy commercial centre of Bangkok. The public ferry boat service on the Chao Phraya River is cheap.

Royal barge Chao Phraya river Bangkok.
A boat trip on the Chao Phraya River to see the Royal Barge is worthwhile as is a sunset cruise or Chao Phraya River Dinner Cruise


A DIY or organised group temple tour of Bangkok's stunning, golden temples is interesting for art and architecture appreciation and for an insight into Bangkok's religion and culture. Bangkok's Temples include, Hindu, Christian and Buddhist temples.



Visiting a museum in Bangkok can show you the history of Thailand including early influences from Alexandar the Great Greek from the east / Siddhartha's India, to the early Mongul (eg Khan in place names) / Then Ming Chinese to the north and latter by trading boats from the south to Islamic influence in the many Thai place name such as seen on Photo above in Bangkok's wax museum.


Entertainment in Bangkok includes traditional Thai cultural concerts, modern Thai music / caberret


Beach resort hotel accommodation near Bangkok is at Pattaya  and  Hua Hin where you'll find many big brand hotels.

Accommodation near Bangkok airport ranges from 2 to 5 star hotels with swimming pools and air-conditioning. The new Bangkok to Suvarnabhumi airport railway link makes it easy to get to and from accommodation near Bangkok's international airport.


Revered Buddhist monks among busy Bangkok shoppingWhen you get to the huge Bangkok city centre, it's shopping heaven, especially for clothes and electronics. Go to the busy MBK shopping centre where there's a whole floor dedicated to the latest mobile phones, TVs and Ipods.
You'll also find street stalls everywhere openly selling the latest release DVDs and CDs for only 90 Baht (approximately $3).

Left photo of revered Buddhist monks among busy Bangkok shopping

For really stylish clothes, go to the Paragon shopping centre where you can find clothes in which you'll look a million dollars back home without lightening your wallet or purse too much. And men, if your partner likes shoes, you're in for a long day.

A visit to the Chatuchak Weekend Market in northern Bangkok is an interesting must see activity to experience. The variety of products for sale, free street entertainment and restaurants makes for a whole day trip to these markets. Click the map link at right to see the MRT station to disembark at the Chatuchak markets. Also consider visiting the famous floating markets of Bangkok.

Below is a video of clothing and electronic shopping malls near Bangkok's CBD.

Top Things to do in Bangakok