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The northern Phuket beach photo of Nai Yang Beach above was taken a few hundred metres near the western end of Phuket airport which was flooded by the 2004 tsunami.  Phuket airport infrastructure has recently upgraded to accommodate more passengers in the Phuket airport's new passenger terminal building. Phuket airport is an international airport. It is not only a landing destination for direct international flights but also popular as the Phuket domestic airport for direct flights from not only Bangkok but other major cities of Thailand. Phuket airport serves as a transit hub for tourists heading to nearby destinations such as, Koh Lak, Phanga, and Krabi islands. Many Thai and expatriate workers in and near Phuket, transit Phuket for Burma and Malaysia for "visa runs"

Following is accommodation information for transit tourists passengers wanting to enjoy stop-over accommodation near Phuket airport for a day or two. One of the photos below is of a luxury resort beach between the Sarasan Bridge and Phuket airport. So far our request for a familiarisation tour to freely promote these luxury beach hotels near Phuket airport have been ignored. The surf at this north western Phuket beach was bigger than surf just south of Phuket airport.

Water sports such as kite surfing are popular at "Nai Yang Beach". Wet season surf near Phuket airport looks small from the beach but paddle to reef breaks about 1km out for bigger waves.

Many Hotels Near Phuket Airport Hotel provide free airport transfers included in advanced booking.

Accommodation close to Naiyan Beach is where the publisher of this web site returns every year to enjoy a Phuket beach holiday in transit on his way to his family holiday home in northern Thailand. Naiyan Beach is the closest beach resort area to Phuket airport. Naiyang beach is so close to Phuket airport that if you're up to walking exercise with a light backpack after a long flight, it's about half an hour, south west away or 200 bht ($6) by taxi. I'm currently writing this Phuket holiday information from a nice room at 4 star Naiyan Beach Resort near Naiyang Beach. The low season, Green Season (wet season) room rate tarrif is 1,500 per night including a delisious breakfast but the room rate is three times this in the Phuket tourist season date months October to March.

Good seafood restaurants near Niang Beach serve fresh squid, prawns, crayfish, fish, oysters. They are very affordable. Coconuts $2. Seafood meal of squid or fish is about $4. Restaurant service is excelent which is why we tip.

Travel agents sell boat, bus, taxi, aeroplane trips to other parts of southern Thailand.

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Naithon Beach near Phuket Aiport and next beach south of Nai Yang beach is what you'd imagine as a most beautiful tropical island beach with palm trees shading a near white sand beach. Beachfront hotels close to Phuket airport are more expensive than renting a villa further back from Nai Thon Beach. We usually stay at a luxury resort near Phuket airport named Nai Thonburri Resort Hotel which is usually full of Russian tourist. Most restaurant menus near Nai Thon beach are in Russian. Photos show beautiful hotel rooms with views over the hotel pool. There are more restaurants at nearby Nai Yang Beach.

There's plenty of activities near Phuket beach to choose from for one day airport transit passengers, including: SCUBA diving, bus tours, kitesurfing, windsurfing, lazing poolside, drinking under a sun shade on a beach bed, $10 Thai massage or $17 oil massage, swimming but not more than 50 metres from the beach when there are waves, otherwise the lifeguards get annoyed. Swim between the yellow and red flags. Lifeguards are training in Australia and have rescue equipment such as jetskiis.

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Cheaper accommodation near Phuket airport is further away from the beach. If you travel light, hotels and other types of accommodation near Phuket airport are within walking distance of the airport terminal. There is locker storage at Phuket airport.  Long term accommodation villas offer cheap accommodation near Phuket airport.

If you don't mind some heavy rain in the wet season, you can get cheap hotel room rates up-to 3 times cheaper. Most hotels include breakfast which as photos show, at Nai Yang Beach Resort is well worth it. I love the tropical fruit there. Nai Yang Beach Resort is on the east side of the beachfront road.  We stayed in a nice balcony room, an older apartment not near the beach and a new villa near one of two swimming pools set in a beautuful tropical garden.

There are many good beachfront seafood restaurants near Phuket airport. Most charge tourist prices, not Thai prices but the service is excelent.

Outside Phuket airport gates, walk south about 2km along the main road near the airport to good cheap restaurnts and convenience stores. These are not near the beach but both are considerably cheaper than restaurants and convenience stores near Nai Yang beach.

For most western nationalities, Phuket airport has free visa upon arrival but make sure you have your visa stamped in your passport on arrival. In 2013 a group of several tourist inadvertantedly walked staight through without customs or immigration checks. A European family returned to Phuket airport immigration officials to report the mistake but were severely delt with by immigration and Thai justice system for their honesty.

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Q:"What is the IATA airport code for Phuket Airport" Answer: PHK.

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